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Making speaking activities more engaging

More takeaways from the APAC conference!

In her talk, Indiana Eva shared ideas on how to make exam classes more engaging. Below I'll share some ideas that I particularly found interesting and that can be adapted for young learners' classes.

  • Hot potato

This game involves passing a box with flashcards/questions around the class. When the music stops, the student holding the box selects and answers one of the questions. Alternatively, teachers can display already-made questions on Bamboozle on one side of the screen and play the Hot Potato Song on the other side. Students can pass a ball around, and when the music stops, the student holding the ball should answer one of the questions. This game can be used for vocabulary, grammar, or speaking activities.

  • Speed chatting

This is a useful activity for students who need to work together to answer questions from the course book. The speaker recommended transferring the questions from the book onto a presentation. Teachers can then project the first question and make it disappear once students have read it. This way students have to discuss the question without having it written in front of them, which is particularly useful if they're preparing for a speaking exam and need to remember the question.

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