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This blog was created as a result of my interest in early childhood education and teaching English as a foreign language.

I would like it to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for teachers who want to better understand how children think and act and how to maximise their learning experience.

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I have been involved in teaching English to young learners since 2014. I have been working as a primary and secondary school teacher, Director of Studies, and Cambridge examiner.


I have a strong educational background in language education. I hold a degree in English Studies (University of Barcelona) and the Cambridge Delta, CELTA, and CELTYL. I am particularly interested in inclusive education, literacy development, and classroom management.


Talks and workshops that I have delivered since 2020


  • TESOL Spain Convention (Madrid, March 12)

  • APAC Annual ELT Convention (Barcelona, February 2) - 'It's fun' is not enough


  • TESOL France Colloquium (Paris, November 20) - "Designing an effective course for young learners" 

  • TESOL Spain Convention (Online, March 5) - "Embracing diversity through pedagogical documentation in the early years"


  • TESOL France Colloquium (Online, November 20) - "Hands-on literacy development in the early years" 

  • Doran Early Childhood Education (Online, April 11) - "Playful literacy development: how to enhance children's learning and engagement"


  • IATEFL YLTSIG Web Conference (Online, November 27) - "Circle time in the early years"


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  • Soboleva, E. (2022). Nursery rhymes in the early years. IATEFL YLTSIG Blog. Read here

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  • Soboleva, E. (2020). Young learners’ assessment step-by-step. Testing, Evaluation & Assessment Today. Issue 3 p. 26-29.

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